Photographs from the 83rd/84th Reunion September, 2009.
New York, NY.

With the tour guide in front of Trinity Church..

On the streets of New York.

An urban park ranger poster.

At Battery Park.

Wating for the tour to begin.

Carol Blauvelt and Nancy Zabriskie on Wall Street.

On the tour

Barbara Blauvelt on board the Spirit of NY.

George and Doris Blauvelt in NY harbor.

Nancy Zabriskie with Carol and William Blauvelt.

At Friday night's Pizza Party.

At Friday night's Pizza Party.

Ruth and Michael Doehring.

The 2009-2011 Executive Board is presented to the membership.

Out-going President Thomas Blauvelt receives a token of thanks from the Association.

The membership remembering those who passed away during the year.

Doris Blauvelt signs in participants.

The membership follows along with the Treasurer's report.

The two youngest members have located the cookies.