Photographs from the 79th Reunion Sept., 2005.
Wilmington, Del.

The Two Georges - Ward and Blauvelt

Eleanor Clark and Charlotte Westerfield enjoying part of the Pirates' Booty.

Red and Nancy Zabriskie pose with flowers donated by Sue Waite in honor of her mother and grandfather.

Dottie and George "Patch" Kotuby

Doris Blauvelt, Sue Heilmann & Dad, Frank Blauvelt

Susan Heilmann and Bill Blauvelt model the new Blauvelt "rain gear" behind some of the Pirate Chorus.

The Pirate Band band.

Frank Blauvelt celebrates his 86th birthday.

Bob Brower and Bill Blauvelt

Mildred Saderholm, George Blauvelt, Eleanor Clark and Thomas Blauvelt pose outside the Old Swedes Church.

Doris Blauvelt receives the National Genealogical Society award for the Best Family Newsletter from out-going president Robert Brower.

Retiring Genealogists Frances and Ralph Blauvelt receive a token of thanks from Thomas Blauvelt.

Patricia Giannotti, Michael and Ruth Doehring picnic quayside.

(r to l) Lorraine Kiernan, Dorothy Kotuby, Matt Kiernan, Judy and Jack Lupas on board the Kalmer Nyclel.

Red and Nancy Zabriskie, Lynn Loeb and Connie Blowers enjoy the sail.

Hey, is this ship rigged?

The Blauvelt standard floats in the wind.

Our ship passes "The Rocks" where the original Kalmar Nyclel landed in 1638 bringing our ancestor to America.

"Look what George has got for tonight's program!"