Photographs from the 78th Reunion Sept., 2004.

Hunting for ghosts on Thursday Night

Touring the battlefield on Friday

Michael & Emily Blauvelt at Boyds Bear Country

At the Friday Night Get-Together Kristine Brower, Barbara and Linda Peterson

Sue Heilmann & Dad, Frank Blauvelt Celebrating his 85th Birthday

78th Annual Meeting, Saturday Dorothy Blauvelt Ralson with "O' Be JoyFull"

George & Laurie Anne Blauvelt outside the GAR Hall

Jim Curren speaking about Blauvelts who fought in the Civil War at Gettysburg

Jim Curren with Raffle Winner Judi White and her grandson Andy England

Saturday Night Dinner From left to right: Janet Kradjel, Donna Michener, Bob Piccolo, Marion Blauvelt, Suzanne Piccolo and Tom Blauvelt

Ken & Ashley Blauvelt with Bill & Emily Blauvelt

From left to right: Frances, Ralph & Colette Blauvelt, George & Marion Ward, Dorothy Ralson and Virginia Larson

Zachary & Ashley Blauvelt with "Abraham Lincoln"

Michael & Emily Blauvelt with Remington Curren and "Abe Lincoln"