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Founded 1926


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The Association of Blauvelt Descendants is a family association that was founded in 1926 to bring together the descendants of Gerrit Hendrickszen (Blauvelt). The Association is dedicated to promoting an interest in the history and genealogy of the early Dutch settlers in New Netherland, with particular emphasis on Gerrit Hendrickszen van Deventer, who married Marie Lamberts Moll on 7 May 1646 in the New Amsterdam (NYC) Dutch Church, and the descendants of Gerrit's eight surviving children, Hendrick, Huybert, Johannes, Margrietje, Abraham, Isaac, Marritje, and Elizabeth. The ABD holds Annual Meetings, sponsors a variety of family activities, and publishes historical and genealogical information including its award winning newsletter, The Blauvelt News.

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All descendants of Gerrit Hendrickszen are eligible for membership, upon proof of lineage. Adult, Associate and Junior Memberships are available, as well as a Family Membership.

To contact the ABD Membership Secretary for an application, email or write to Pamela Ward; 563 St. Anthony Drive; Lexington, KY  40505.   You may download the short application in pdf here.  There is also a "supplemental application" (in PDF format) that gives you the opportunity to add any information you would like included in your genealogical record.

Please also fill out our Genealogical Family Group Record (PDF format) which allows you to provide information for our genealogy database.
The "supplemental application" and the Genealogical Family Group Record are optional.

Dues are $20.00 per year for adult membership, $15.00 per year for Associate Membership, and $10.00 per year for Junior Membership. Family Membership is $45.00 per year for all family members living in one household.


The Blauvelt News is published in February, June and October. The cost is included in membership dues. Persons not eligible for membership in the Association of Blauvelt Descendants may subscribe to The Blauvelt News for $20.00 per year. Contact the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.

Send genealogical information to our Genealogist, and family news to the Editor, Susan Heilmann.

Please submit information and articles early. Deadlines are:
    20 December for the Spring issue
    20 April for the Summer issue
    20 August for the Fall issue


For further information please contact one of the Officers of the Association:

  Brian M. Blauvelt ABD President


  Marilyn Bisgrove Genealogist

Membership Secretary

  Pamela Ward Membership Secretary


This web site is owned by the Association of Blauvelt Descendants. Members of the ABD or those with the Family name of Blauvelt may publish information via the Internet from time to time. This is appreciated, but it should be noted that the ABD is the only official organization of the Blauvelt Family.